Nene Valley Dragon Boat Race Sunday 2nd September 2018

Welcome to the website for the ninth annual Dragon Boat Race brought to you by Rotary clubs in East Northants.

Wicksteed Park, Kettering

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We all know the feeling, trying to get friends and family to complete the dreaded sponsorship form. Most of them are keen to put their name down, as long as they haven’t been targeted already that year for sponsorship! Then it comes to the arduous task of actually getting the money from them after the event and quite often you only manage to collect half of what is on the form and end up putting the rest in yourself.

The money you raise makes all the difference to our event and so to help you maximise your fundraising, we have come up with some alternative ideas:

  • Car Boot / Jumble sale
Whether this is in the car park at work, in your front garden or at your local community centre, everyone likes a good rummage for a bargain. Let’s face it most of us have things that we accumulate over the years we don’t use or don’t need - so why not raise some money for the event by getting rid of it at a car boot or jumble sale?

  • Cake Bake
Pull on your pinny and get cooking! You don’t have to be Delia Smith to delight a crowd with some home baked goodies. Even if your baking repertoire only extends to chocolate cornflake cakes, we are sure friends and colleagues would be happy to donate for a sweet treat!

  • Raffle
Still stuck for ideas as to what to do with your unwanted Christmas presents hidden away in the cupboard. Why not sell some raffle tickets, chuck in a couple of bottles of wine and some chocolates and “raffle” off the last of your “goodies”

  • Quiz
Everybody loves a good quiz night and with the help of quiz sites on internet or a handy quiz book, they aren’t hard to organise. Get some friends and family together either at home or down the local pub, throw in some nibbles and you have a fun and friendly quiz night. You could also put together a quick quiz sheet and sell them to your colleagues at work – 1st prize – you make cups of tea for them all day or maybe they get to be the drummer on your dragon boat!

  • Gift Aid
Don’t forget we can add even more value to your donations by claiming gift aid. A further 25% can be added to all donations, so no matter how you raise your money, please also complete the gift aid declaration on the sponsorship form so that we can give the charities as much help as possible

Many thanks

Nene Valley Dragons